Custom Paper Packaging Box By Industry

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Custom cosmetic box

Printed flexible packaging films are user-friendly and convenient packaging options, which are long-lasting, both physically and chemically. The film can be sterilized in a further production procedure. They are ideal for the packaging of both liquid and dry food/non-food products. The surface of the film is printed with essential details about the product such as product type, user guide, logo, and other marketing graphics. Several films such as PET, AL, PE, Kraft paper, MET-PET, and others can all get laminated and printed to be called printed flexible packaging film.


Custom Flexible Packaging Film

Custom flexible packaging films will help you keep your items fresh and make them last longer. They are made by out cutting edge machines and accessible in a wide range of materials films for custom usage. For this reason, they offer outstanding barrier protection and durability to different products; powder and liquids. These custom-made flexible packaging films are designed to meet the strict barrier requirements. Some of the single films laminated together to form the final custom flexible packaging film are AL, PET, BOPP, LLDPE. LDPE, PE, MPET, and many others, depending on the intended packaging purpose.


Flexible Packaging Films for Food

Flexible Packaging films for food are becoming popular due to the need for safe food packaging strategies. For example, plastic and glass packaging pouches are expensive, non-flexible, bulk, heavy, and non-environmental friendly. But, flexible packaging films for food are made using FDA approved and BPA free food grade laminated films. Our food grade laminated films are also made to ensure high barrier properties against oxygen, pest, contaminants, moisture, UV lights, and odor.  Some of the materials laminated to form these flexible packaging films for food are Kraft paper, BOPP, MPET, PET, PE, AL, and many others depending on the food product getting packaged.


Flexible Packaging Roll Film

Flexible packaging roll films are made from high-quality materials such as LDPE, HDPE, PET, BOPP, PE, and LLDPE to ensure they offer the required flexibility. They can be printed in 10 plus different colors and can be delivered in various sizes as well. They are mostly used in food processing applications and can get customized according to the customer’s needs. They are incredibly flexible, easy to use, lightweight, and ensure a long lifespan of the packaged product.


Custom Printing Flexible Packaging Film

Custom printing flexible packaging films are perfect for high volume or short run form-fill and seal application. These films are available in a wide variety of material laminations and sizes used in products packaging. At TedPack, we manufacture them according to the specifications you provide to suit your exact requirements. Regarding the custom printing, we use flexo, rotogravure, or digital printing technologies to ensure these flexible films meet your marketing and visibility needs.


Opp Flexible Packaging Films

Opp flexible packaging films are the perfect packaging option for wrapping hard candies, flowers, and chocolate due to their stiffness and resistance to moisture and heat. They also come with a higher glossy shine finish that makes them attractive. Additionally, they are laminated with MET-PET to ensure they offer the best barrier protection against UV light, water, and oxygen. They are available in different blends, thickness, width, and colors. The films can also be custom-made to suit your needs.


Rolled Flexible Packaging Films

Rolled flexible packaging films are designed to offer cost-effective and easy packaging solution for different products. Since these rolled films are flexible and compatible with a wide variety of form, seal machines and fill, they are ideal for automatic packaging. They are made from high-quality materials such as PET/MPET/PE to fit every client’s packaging needs.


Rolled Flexible Packaging Foil

Rolled flexible packaging foil uses one of the best grades of aluminum foil. The packaging option is mostly used in food packaging application. They are made from high-quality material that makes them the resistance to shrinkage and moisture. The foils are available in different shapes and sizes. Additionally, they are durable, lightweight, and shrinkage proof. Additionally, you can count on foil rolls to ensure your products are well-secured from external environment hazardous effects.


Flexible Packaging Layer

Flexible Packaging Layer can get defined as a single film among other films used to make one laminated film structure. Note, every layer in these laminated structure performs an important role either in strength, durability, barrier property, or stretching performance. The exterior most layers offer dimensionally stable printing area, protects other layers, and helps in burst strength and tear resistance. Tier layers do offer a second level of protection and attach the outer layer with the barrier layer. The barrier layer offers chemical resistance and prevents light, oxygen, and moisture transmission.


Foil Packaging Flexible Packaging Film

Foil Packaging Flexible Packaging Film is mostly used in the food packaging industry due to its ergonomic design, high barrier property, and optimum functionality. Since aluminum foil is used as the primary material, the film has gained acclamation among consumers based on its high barrier properties. The packaging film is well known for its stable features such as safe wrapping, incredible stretching, optimum performance, and outstanding durability.


Flexible Packaging Plastic Films

Flexible packaging plastic films are designed to maximize your packaging performance on a broad range of food processing tools in the industry. The plastic films ensure a longer lasting shelf life for the intended product. Also, the plastic properties make your bags resistant to tear, puncture, and waterproof. They are made from high-quality material to guarantee better barrier protection against aroma, moisture, and UV lights. They play a role in reducing wastage of food via improved shelf life of food items. But, these plastic films are environment-friendly.


Flexible Packaging Foil Film

Flexible packaging foil films are mostly used for non-food and food packaging application. These films are mostly made up of 3 layers that are not very thick. Aluminum foil is the main material used for excellent barrier properties. However, we can customize this foil film with other materials to offer flexible packaging option as per your necessity. But note; all the materials used for foil packaging are FDA certified, BPA free, and environmentally friendly. Additionally, if you need custom printing for marketing reasons, you can count on us.

What are flexible Packaging films?

According to FPA (Flexible Packaging Association), flexible packaging films are bags or pouches that are designed solely for the packaging of commodities, goods (both consumable and non-consumable) and other types of products.
They are always flexible such that they can form any type of shape.

What are the advantages of flexible packaging films?

Flexible packaging films have the advantage of being durable because of their ability to resist wear and tear.
Another advantage of this is their longevity and the fact that they can be reusable.
Also, flexible packaging films are very cost effective

What are the disadvantages of flexible packaging films?

It is important to know that the disadvantage of a flexible packaging film depends on its manufacturer.
Some consumable foods like tomatoes and fruits that have great flavor tend to take up the smell of a flexible packaging film.However, a general disadvantage is the hazard that flexible packaging films cause to the environment.

What industry makes use of flexible packaging film?

A lot of company in various industries utilize flexible packaging film because branding and display on it.
Flexible packaging film can be utilized in the following industries:
  • Food and beverages
  • Cosmetics
  • Fashion
  • Electronics etc.

Flexible Packaging Film FAQs

1. Can the flexible packaging films be recycled?
Yes. It is possible to recycle the packaging films. It often comes down to the brand and type of recycling method supported.

2. Can I print on these packaging films?
Yes. The YBJ flexible packaging films are good in terms of overall use. This means that you can print the important information on them so that the clients can know more about your product.

3. How durable are the packaging films?
The YBJ flexible packaging films are good in terms of durability. This then means that you can use them for longer as compared to some inferior packaging films out there.

4. Are the YBJ flexible packaging films good for food?
Yes. You can get the flexible packaging films that are safe for food. The next time you have to store food in a plastic film, we have something that can work for you.

Customized Option:

Customized printing and dimension options are also advantages of spout pouch packaging.
Any colors preferred with customized logo and any advertisements can be printed on it allowing up to 10 colors printing on it. It also allows for matte or varnish finishing.
At YBJ we guarantee fast delivery within 2-3 weeks time for volumes of up to from 30 ML-5000 ML.
We also have a 1 or 2 Gallon option is also and over 200 types of spouts shape, size and a wide range of colors full.
The spout pouch material can be clear plastic, matte surface, metallic,aluminum or even paper surface option.


As you can see, it is always possible to end up with some good flexible packaging films if you know where to look.
YBJ flexible packaging films are one of the best on the market. You are going to find them being good on overall and thus worth checking out.
You will also get that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get them. With the best affordability, you should be in a position to enjoy the overall use of such film packaging.
cosmetic box

We will custom cosmetics boxes according to your wishes and demands. You can also get help from our original design team if you don’t have any plan for your Cosmetic Packaging Boxes. Let’s make amazing valuable together!

gift box

We specialize in customizing all kinds of gift boxes,They are widely used for birthday, jewelry, candy, hairpin, wedding, cosmetic, treasures, etc. We have stock size, also can personalize your own special box.

paper tube box

paper tube box, essentially consists of cardboard, kraft paper, or copper paper as the main raw material, and by printing patterns on the surface to achieve the effect of molding different styles of cylinder packaging.

courier box

Custom Mailer Boxes are often made by cardboard or corrugated material. The custom mailer boxes are widely used for courier,mailing,shipping. A good custom mailer boxes will give customer a good impression on your product and promote your brand.

Wig Packaging Box

we canprovides quality Hair Extension Packaging Box. We are renown in packaging for hair packaging supplies and offer customized support on boxes, like magnetic wig box, folding cardboard hair box, corrugated hair extension box, wig box with PET window etc.

Wine packaging box

Wine box is wine packaging,We offers a vast selection of trend-setting wine bottle packaging boxes. Choose from Luxury Rigid Wine Boxes with magnetic closure, Embossed Wine Carriers with a handle, or economical Folding Bottle Boxes with a lid and base.

flower box

The most modern manufacturing technologies and the premium quality materials that we put into the creation of our personalized  Flower, boxes make this type of packaging ideal for use by florists, wedding designers, party organizers, etc.

Apparel Box

Clothing boxes, also known as apparel boxes and garment boxes. It contains shirt, shoe, hat, cufflink, tie, wedding dress box, tie storage ,clothes , scarf , T-shirt packaging, etc.Just provide your basic idea, we will complete the final products with our full passion.

custom christmas box

Wholesale Christmas Gift Boxes, Christmas Gable Boxes, Christmas Pillow Boxes, Christmas Cookie Boxes etc Made in CHINA available in Custom shapes, sizes, and layouts. We offer quality and error-free packaging services with free shipping.

jewelry box

We specialize in customizing all kinds of jewelry and watch boxes, such as leather jewelry box,  cardboard box, drawer box, etc. They are widely used for storing earrings, bracelet, necklace, ring, watch, etc. As a professional manufacturer of box, we are your best choice.

food box

We are engaged in offering clients with a distinctive gamut of Packaging Products. This range includes Food Boxes etc.we are keeping in sync with the latest market norms and policies, we are indulged in providing a high-quality range of food packaging Box.

fruit and vegetable box

In the world, millions of packaging cartons are needed to packaing fresh fruits and vegetables.  some countries always import and export fruit to the world,this packaging box has always been a very important production in our company and packaging field

Custom Paper Box

GUANGZHOU YBJ CO., LTD. specializes in manufacturing& exporting all kinds of custom paper box,such as: watch boxes, watch displays, jewelry boxes, jewelry displays and gift boxes, fruit box, courier box, food box, flower box, etc. Offering material such as solid wood, MDF wood, PU leather, genuine leather, paper, acrylic, plastic, etc. Customers spread all over the world.If you want to custom paper box,Welcome to Contact us. We will help you to produce the custom paper packaging  box to meet your requirement.

China paper box supplier

GUANGZHOU YBJ CO., LTD was established in 1998. The company had build 12 production lines in order to meet market demands. focus on production all kinds of custom paper box.

Where are we

Our company is located in Guangzhou,China, with an area of 15.000 square meters factory workshop, and around 500 employees. Production capacity each month is 800.000 packaging boxes  with turnover around USD5 million yearly.

What we do

We provide a one-stop-shop service to clients to make custom paper box. We have a creative design team with our professional designers to develop custom-made prototypes. We can turn clients ‘ ideas and requirements into designs. On our production lines,we produce boxes in a strict time frame with the effective output and low defective rate, and this is how we maintain our competitive price to the market. All goods to be shipped are ensuring of top quality by carrying inspection procedures set by our own or clients requirement. Our products have passed the ISO9001 and TUV Rheinland certification.

custom paper box manufacture

Welcome any inquiry from your honored company , and we are firmly believing that your choice on us will be the first step of your business.

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